Everyone loves the sight and spicy smell of a homemade gingerbread house, whether it’s decorating the holiday table, lending cheer to an office counter or featured in a store-front holiday display.

And the best part of the fun of gingerbread houses is getting together with family and friends to build personalized, one-of-a-kind creations? Building and decorating a gingerbread house brings out the artist in everyone, from the youngest child placing a candy cane to the most senior family member, adorning that special centerpiece with colorful candies, cookie cutouts and liberally-applied frosting.

In the past, gingerbread house-building parties were beloved family traditions, and today many families have rediscovered the joy of this simple custom that effortlessly strengthens family bonds.

Few other activities can bring together family members of all ages and interests in such a fun, creative joint project. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and to create lasting fond memories and traditions to pass along for generations to come.
Gingerbread house parties also can be easily adapted to include groups (large and small), extended families, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances in a friendly, everybody-is-welcome holiday classic event. Wouldn’t this be a fun winter project for your garden club, youth group, in-service training, senior center, softball team, company picnic or school-centered gathering? The possibilities are endless, and what’s best, all participants are sure to enjoy and remember this event fondly.

And if you have children who will be home during winter vacation or you provide childcare during this season, you know the challenge of keeping kids occupied on those dull winter days, when the weather keeps them indoors. So this is a good time to plan ahead and get the supplies you need to provide a really fun, positive activity for the kids to do together—building gingerbread houses. Let them build one big centerpiece, (be sure to give it a place of honor), or let each create his or her own unique gingerbread house. This is guaranteed to keep those previously bored kids busy and happy for hours (which will make you happy too!)
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We look forward to helping you make this holiday season the best ever.