Gingerbread House Stencils – Five Online Resources for Free Gingerbread House Stencils, Patterns, and Designs

Are you looking for the best gingerbread house stencils, patterns, and designs on the Web? We’ve collected five great online resources where you can get the best gingerbread house stencils—and what’s more, they’re absolutely free! So, let’s get started.

  1. is a great site for sharing creative ideas and information. It was started by a Canadian homemaker in 2006 who has since published over 1,000 articles on household tips, recipes, craft patterns, kitchen and cooking tips, and yes, great tips on making your own gingerbread houses. You will find plenty of free gingerbread house templates and stencils here, as well as lots of great gingerbread decorating tips and more.


    Gingerbread House Template on Pinterest is the biggest online resource of free gingerbread house stencils, designs, and patterns. It serves as a perfect visual bookmarking tool for the best creative ideas on gingerbread houses, and it’s free! You will find hundreds of free printable templates and recipes on Gingerbread House Template such as the Small Gingerbread House Template [] and the Stone Gingerbread House you can bake and decorate [], both by Marie Jean Louis. You can also find the Country Chapel Gingerbread House Blueprint by Danielle Hib [] and much more.


    Kung Foodie has one of the best collections of gingerbread stencils, designs and patterns anywhere on the Web. You will find some highly unusual gingerbread house designs such as Firquoet’s Gingerbread Star Wars Tie Fighter, 64bits’ Gingerbread PC Computer, Rickynils’ Fractal Gingerbread Snowflakes, and the NASA Gingerbread Spacecraft, along with advanced designs such as the Haunted Dimensions Paris Disneyland Mansion and Franky’s Attic Gingerbread Houses. There are 32 different gingerbread house patterns in all at Kung Foodie – plenty to choose from!


    Haunted Dimensions has a free gingerbread house PDF template of Phantom Manor, which is the name of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Paris. Ray Keim is the man behind the website, and he created this fabulous gingerbread haunted house design for his daughter’s birthday party using a 3D application, Lightwave 9.0, and Photoshop. You can download the design templates and the construction diagram from the link above. You will also find other great gingerbread designs such as Miss Betty’s House, The Blob House and Halloween House on this site.

  5. has a collection of FREE standard gingerbread house PDF templates such as…
    Printable Standard Gingerbread House Template (Front and Back)
    Printable Standard Gingerbread House Template (Sides and Roof)
    Printable Standard Gingerbread House Template (Door, Windows, and Shutters)

    Nikki, the person behind, designs A-frame gingerbread houses for her kids and their friends at school, as well as for Scout troops. You will find many printable templates for the windows, shutters, and doors on

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